Our Founder - Duris De Jong

Duris fenced for the Dutch team in both the 1928 and 1932 olympics. He founded the Conejo Fencing Club in 1976, and passed away in 1990. Those of us who had the honor to learn from the Maestro are better people for it. It is my belief that he would be very proud of the work and time that Phil has put into the club to continue his legacy.

Our Head Coach - Phil Hareff

Phil has been the head coach of the Conejo Fencing Club since 1990. His dedication, time and enthusiasm are appreciated by everyone associated with the club. Phil continually improves his coaching style and techniques by attending the Coaches College at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado.

Assistant Coach - David Varon

David has been a member of the Conejo Fencing Club since the early 1980's. He loves to teach, and is willing to expound on almost any subject related to fencing. Often while being quietly kibitzed by Dan. David has a lovely wife, Lynn and an aspiring sabre fencer for a son, Max.

Sabre Coach - Jeff Ervin

Jeff is the sabre coach for the club. In 1976, Jeff attended the very first class taught by Maestro Duris de Jong at Salle Conejo. Jeff was an enthusiastic fencer from the beginning. In those days, we fenced three days per week, and Jeff hardly ever missed an opportunity to cross swords. Enjoying both sabre and foil, he competed regularly in local USFA meets. In 1987, Jeff became a member of the sabre team at CSUN, which finished first in the Southern California Collegiate division. After a 15-year hiatus from fencing, Jeff has returned to the club to help train the next generation of fencing. Jeff enjoys coaching young and old, experienced and inexperienced, and invites anyone who is interested in taking up sabre to ask for a lesson.

Head Kibitzer/Poor Web Master / Occasional Sabre/Foil Fencer  - Dan Lombardo

Dan has been fencing for over 30 years, and has the mistaken impression that he's funny. His preferred weapon is sabre, but if he's bored he can be talked into fencing anything. Although he'll probably whine about it! Also, he has a somewhat disturbing love of Kevin Smith films.