Linkmeyer Invitational Tournament - USC - 02/10/2019

The USC Fencing Club and the Linkmeyer Invitational Tournament Committee are hosting the 2019 Linkmeyer Invitational Tournament on February 10th on the USC Campus in Los Angeles.  You MUST be preregistered to compete in the tournament; registration closes on February 7 at midnight.

 They are on AskFred: .

 Inquiries can be directed to or

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Avant-Garde Saber Cup - Sunday, May 31, 2015

For those that might be interested, from AGFC:

This great tournament meant for all saber fencers regardless of their competitive experience is just two weeks away. Current USFA membership required. Cost is $25/event + $10/registration fee by 5/30 or $20/registration fee after deadline. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Events Scheduled:

09:00 AM - Y10 Mixed Saber (born 2004-2007) - #0 or #2 blades required
10:30 AM - Y12 Mixed Saber (born 2002-2005)
12:00 PM - Y14 Mixed Saber (born 2000-2003)
01:30 Pm - Open Women's Saber ( born 2001 or earlier)
02:00 PM - Open Men's Saber (born 2001 or earlier)

AskFred Link

2015 Okawa Three Weapon Open At UCLA

Just a reminder that the UCLA Fencing Club is hosting the Okawa Three Weapon Open on the UCLA campus this April 12. With a potential A4 in mixed epee and A2's in mixed foil and sabre, this years event looks to be one of the most competitive tournaments in Southern California this year. Additionally, we are introducing separate women's foil and sabre events to compliment the existing women's epee event.


Nethercutt Car museum

We have been talking about getting a group to go see the Nethercutt Car museum in Sylmar. Fantastic cars and one of the world's greatest collections of mechanical musical instruments (player violins, a whole band in a giant player piano, etc. ) Did I mention FREE? Perhaps a Friday in March or April. Anyone interested and have a desired or impossible Friday?
gene olson

Toys for Tots Tournament - 11/29/2014

Bring an unwrapped toy (no stuffed toys please) valued at $10 or more plus $10 (cash OK) for each entry. Please be generous, it's for the kids!
PLEASE pre-register on-line by Tuesday 11/25/14 to speed registration and pay at the event. Entries will be accepted at the door but pre-reg really helps! All officials, referees and organizers are volunteering for this fun event.


101 Fwy North to Borchard Rd / Rancho Conejo Bl - turn Right on Borchard to Dos Vientos Center.

101 Fwy South to Wendy Drive - turn Left on Wendy to Borchard then Right on Borchard to Dos Vientos Center.

Hint: When you think you have gone too far - keep going - it is on Borchard Road!

Events Scheduled (time listed is close of check-in):
Veteran Mixed Sabre 9 am
C Mixed Foil 10:30 am
Open Mixed Epee 12:30 pm